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Oleskiw School Surplus Site

Updated: Mar 3

Several people have reached out to my office about the recent notice to residents in the Oleskiw area regarding the proposed uses for the surplus school site in the area. I’d like to offer a few comments as to what this means, and where we are in the process as of today.

City administration has evaluated the land and found it is viable for development. The next step, which we are currently at, is about public engagement and getting feedback from the community in terms of what is desired.

The land uses being proposing to the community are all forms of medium density housing. Specifically, they are RMD (Residential Mixed Dwelling Zone), RF5 (Row Housing Zone), and RA7 (Low Rise Apartment Zone). Here’s a few links to find more information, including definitions of the zones.

Following this stage of public engagement, City administration will publish a “What We Heard” report to inform the community of the results. The City will then begin the process for subdivision, rezoning, plan amendment and reserve removal based on the engagement results. Administration anticipates being in front of Council in early 2022 for the rezoning, plan amendment and reserve removal reports, however this timeline is tentative and subject to change based on engagement results and other factors.

I would encourage residents to participate in the public engagement process and fill out this survey. Council does read the reports and the feedback from the community is important in our decision making process. I would also add that residents will have additional opportunities to engage with City Council subsequent to this stage, including at the rezoning stage. While my office can receive feedback, it’s very important that you log your concerns and preference with the project through the official survey link.

If you have additional concerns or questions, my office is happy to discuss with you or connect you to additional resources. You can reach out at (780) 496-8120 or Sarah.Hamilton [at]

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