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Ward 5 residents will often reach out to my office with questions about new development in their neighbourhoods. The processes that govern development in our city can be pretty complicated, and I represent several areas that are seeing a lot of changes right now. I held a Facebook Live on May 13th to walk through some of these processes, of which you can find the archived video here.

City of Edmonton staff have created some excellent written resources on these subjects, and I thought it would be helpful to compile them here in a list. I encourage you to give the City Plan a read, and then to check out any of the other documents that might be relevant to your community.

The City Plan (this is Edmonton’s Municipal Development Plan, our guiding strategic document)

Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

What Is A Land Use Plan

What Is Zoning

A General Summary Of Land Use Zones

How To Respond To A Land Use Application

Rezoning Process Chart

Community Amenity Contributions

Housing (Re)development: What To Expect

Residential Construction Guide

As always, if you have questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office. You can reach me at, or by phone at 780-496-8120.

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