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Building a safe,
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Why I'm Running

Building a safe, strong and prosperous city


I’m running for re-election because our city is undergoing significant change; economically, environmentally and demographically. We are facing formidable – but not insurmountable – challenges that require experienced, knowledgeable and creative leadership to help us navigate the next four years.


I’m running again because I want to continue to tackle these challenges, champion safety and resiliency for our businesses and community, and implement timely, impactful solutions for sustainable core services – building the best city for our collective success today and positioning us for an even brighter tomorrow.


I’m running because the last four years have shown me that leadership requires collaboration, bravery, ingenuity, and empathy.


I love our city, and our spirit of tenacity, innovation and creativity resonates deeply with me. We’re an innovative city that has a bright future ahead – and I’m running again because I will get us there.  

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I’m proud to have served on Edmonton City Council since 2017 as the City Councillor for Ward 5. Edmonton’s history as a humble, hardworking and creative city drives my work to preserve our core services, find innovation across government, and empower our businesses and residents to succeed. As we’ve navigated the COVID-19 pandemic together, we’ve seen firsthand how inclusion, safety and resiliency are vital to the long-term success of our city – which need to be addressed as part of all decisions City Council makes to ensure Edmonton can continue to be prosperous.

Since my election, I’m pleased to have undertaken roles on the Edmonton Police Commission, River Valley Alliance, REACH Council for Safe Communities, as well as  served a term as Chair of the Community and Public Services Committee, and Vice-Chair of Council Services Committee, and Vice-Chair of the City Manager Recruitment Committee. From 2018-2020, I represented the City of Edmonton on the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Safe and Healthy Communities Committee. I’ve also served as Council Advisor on the City Design, Indigenous Relations, and Arts and Culture Initiatives. Taking on these varied roles and responsibilities as a Councillor has allowed me to understand the complexities that make Edmonton unique, realize efficiencies in our local government and find solutions to long-standing challenges in our communities.


Born and raised in west Edmonton, my optimism for our city continues to grow – I’ve chosen Edmonton to raise my family and look forward to continuing to serve my community. I am a graduate of the University of Alberta and attained a Master of Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 


Prior to my time as a City Councillor, I was an entrepreneur, educator and worked in various orders of government. My partner Nick and I enjoy spending time exploring our beautiful river valley -- by foot, bike and, occasionally, canoe.


A Track Record of Success

Over the past 4 years, I’ve turned my words into actions to support our communities through key projects that enhance accessibility, efficiency and safety for everything from your daily commutes to keeping your kids safe on the way to school. 

Taxation and Accountability

In my first three years on City Council, I held taxes to an inflation plus growth formula. This meant the lowest tax increases in 20 years culminating in 0% for 2021. For the 2019-2022 budget I also saw the implementation of key infrastructure accountability mechanisms meaning more projects on time and on budget.

Recreation and Leisure

After successfully securing planning and design for Lewis Farms Recreation Centre, I am now focused on exploring alternative financing and partnerships to see the project through; I also supported the ongoing discussion with numerous stakeholders in forming Big Island Provincial Park so that west end residents will have additional parkland to enjoy. 

Community Safety

I advocated for our neighbourhoods on City Council and successfully saw safety and visibility improvements on the pedestrian bridges over the Whitemud Freeway; we implemented over 30 traffic control, crosswalk upgrades and school safety improvements across Ward 5; and in 2021, we passed the Wildlife Feeding Bylaw, keeping both residents and wild animals safe.


I advocated for staged construction to limit commuter frustration. I voted against the Bus Network Redesign because I was concerned about the impact on west Edmonton. I was able to successfully advocate for on-demand transit service for under-served areas of west Edmonton, the most per capita in Edmonton. I also successfully advocated for above-grade crossings for the LRT at 170 and 178 streets.

Arts and Heritage

I increased preservation of heritage buildings by leveraging new legislation that allows cities to provide special tax exemptions. As promised in 2017, I started a City Design Initiative that facilitated better relationships between architects, builders and stakeholders. I held developers accountable for better design standards. 

Local Economy

Over the past four years, I led the charge on shifting Edmonton Economic Development Corporation into Explore Edmonton, returning $5M annually to the City budget. I also invested in our future talent through the formation of Innovate Edmonton.



I’ve accomplished a lot on behalf of west Edmonton in the last four years. As your councillor for Ward sipiwiyiniwak, I want to continue to provide experienced, strong leadership and ensure the investments we’ve made endure for the next generation.

West Edmonton deserves an experienced, strong voice.
On October 18, re-elect Sarah Hamilton

Fund Lewis Farms Recreation Centre
Build an LRT residents can be proud of and confident in
Spend more time in our backyard
Stable financing model for core services
Build the safest city in Canada